Renaming NICs with Netsh

First, you want to open a command prompt in Administrator mode.Open CMD

Secondly, open up a netsh prompt by typing “netsh” into the command prompt and pressing enter.Open Netsh

Thirdly, we want to list the interfaces that are currently available on the computer. Then find the one that you want to change the name for. You can list the interfaces by typing “interface show interface”.List Interfaces

Now we have found the interface that we want to change the name for, LET’S CHANGE THE NAME ALREADY! You’ll want to type:

interface set interface name="connectionnamehere" newname="newname"

Below in the screenshot are the values I added. Obviously making the connection name more Recognisable.command entered

Finally, when listing the interfaces again,  you can see that the interface’s name has changed.


You may have noticed that the command prompts permission level changed to Administrator mode after the first screenshot… I completely forgot that I needed to be in administrator mode to perform a rename on a NIC. Hope this was useful to you!