Customized Email Signatures In HTML

Back off holiday, want to do something simple. So email signature it is.

I made mine in the Mimecast administrator center as a way to become more familiar with HTML so that I could create an actual signature for some users.

Before we look at the code – I will put an image below of what the signature would actually look like. Also, I own NONE of the images/sites shown here. (Sorry, just didn’t want legal people sniffing around).


Now that you have seen the signature, you can see that is it in no way a real world example of something that should be used. But I also couldn’t use the actual one for…reasons. I just wanted to show you every feature I used in the real one.

Below is the actual code I used:

  <body><mc type="body">
  <p style="font-family:calibri:">This is a <b>test</b> email signature</p>

  <img src="" alt="TEST LEFT" style="float:left;width:50px;height:20px;" />
  <p style="font-family:courier;">This is the second line of the test email signature</p>
  <p style="font-family:verdana;font-size:80%;">This is the last line of the test email signature</p>

  <img src="" alt="TEST IMAGE" style="width:200px;height:70px;" />

  Click <a href="" target="_blank"><i>here</i></a> to open a link


You may notice that I have linked Krebs blog – Enjoy!

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