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Welcome to my main project page. From the title, you can probably decipher what this is about. Basically when I have some free time, I have been making and adding to a PowerShell script that consists of various games and some menus. (As well as a few hidden things).

Or for short, Games In PowerShell

I will structure this page from newest to oldest. So the newest stuff is at the top. I don’t have the code for some of the old changes because… well… why would I but I’m sure that you can reverse engineer it to what it would have looked like. Enjoy!


1000 downloads!!! WOOP WOOP!!

Still no reviews though hehe

The Games In PowerShell download statistics


Version 5!

Well, well, well. Look how long it has been. Took a VERY long break from this just because I got bored with it and did other things. I’ve recently rewrote the entire project and removed the dino game as I just didn’t think it fit in with the rest of the collection.

You can find the most recent version by going to my Technet gallery


I don’t even want to say that it has been a long time since my last update on this because it’s too much obviouse. Even for me.

Not much has been done with it in this update, im quite comfortable with the whole project and I think it’s in a good place with not alot of big changes to make. In this update I added another game, “Rock, Paper, Scissors” in case you were wondering. Exciting huh? nope? Okay then…

I have already made a seperate post for this game which you can find here

You can download the latest version of the game project right…he…here


Once again, it’s been a while since I last  updated this page, or my site in general. Sorry to dissapoint all my millions of fans…

Few updates here, first I added a text based adventure game to the fix. I also changed the loading screen for the game to something a bit more “interesting” as well as changing the home screen to have a little bit of colour as I just found it a bit boring to stare at a plain blue background with all the text being the same colour.

Check out my blog post on this update here

You can find the code for the project at this stage here


Been a while since an update to this. I wanted to wait until I had something good to add instead of doing something half arsed, plus I’ve been doing work on other parts of the website.

For this update, I have added a completely new game, one that can be found *updated link/ blog* here!

The game I added was blackjack or 21, depending on what you call it. I completed this update to the project by giving it a help page and an entry to the homepage. I have made some “fancy” changes. This includes, the name of the PowerShell window changing when the user has won by default, changing the size of the windows for this as well as removing spaces between lines of code that don’t need spaces.

The code for the game at this stage can be found here!


More polishing of the code. Added a few new things, for one a help menu that also changed the size of the PowerShell window to make all the text fit on more appropriately. Also added a “secret key” on the starting menu. Bit dumb but anyone who doesn’t look at the code won’t know what it is. I could have made it random from a certain set of characters but I suppose I have to leave some rocks un-turned.

I also improved the help menu as there were a few spelling and grammatical errors.

The code for this can be found here.


Let me set the scene. I had just come back from holiday had some ideas for my code. Namely adding some new games to it and making it a bit more “fancy”. Because of this, the change I made to my code of probably the largest yet. I added three new games. These were multiplication games where the user needs to work out one of the numbers that make the sum. I also added a nice ending screen and added a fake loading bar. This was just to help the entire thing feel more rounded and complete.

You can find this code here.

This is the latest update to my code on this site. I have however added even more “things” to it which will be shown in my update soon.


I finally got around to making the code all in a single file. Finally no more directory changes to make the code work when sending it to my friend or to another computer. Only set-up that was needed was to change the execution policy. (Shameless plug to that here)

I also added a bit at the start to change the size of the PowerShell window to something more appropriate. Took me a while to figure that one out so can I get a round of applause…no? Okay then.

This was the first large improvement to my code, and it sparked new ideas for me to add and change.


I created a main menu for the two games. However, they were still separate files. I didn’t like this because when sharing the the game with my friend, they would have to change the directories for when the main menu tried to start one of the game scripts up.

Obviously this wasn’t ideal but I was quite busy so I couldn’t make it all one script just yet. Plus I thought that this was just a test of sorts for what I could do in PowerShell. Kids play I know, but for me at the time, it was very interesting.

For this code you can click here.


This whole thing started from a friend giving me the idea to create a number guessing game in PowerShell. Due to my “competitive” nature, I agreed. This is when I created the first game code. The 1 to 10 and 1 to 100 guessing games. Very simple, they were a one play only. I quickly added an individual menu to each one so that the user could play again or exit when they had “won” the game.

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