One Month with Chia

So, cryptocurrency mining is NOT something I often dabble in. Maybe its the fact that using some second hand GPU to get rich off BitCoin died off a decade ago. Or maybe, it’s the fact that mining cryptocurrency often uses enough electricity to power a country… Especially with energy prices being soooo high and rising massively in my country.

So here comes Chia.

There were definitely hard drive mining schemes before Chia. One example if BurstCoin, but we won’t talk about that 😂

Let me start off by saying that the plotting process takes a VERY long time. For me, I was lucky to get a plot done in 3/4 hours as my hardware is quite old. So since I already had a bunch of hard drives lying around, all I purchased to get this up and running is a SATA HBA card and some SATA power splitter cables.

This is an image of my current system as of 10th March 2022:

My very professional Chia plotting and farming rig

In that time I’ve made only around $10…#

I currently have around 30TB of plots and I am using Space Pool as solo farming isn’t a good idea at this low amount of storage.

Now, this system hasn’t been running the entire time. The Chia GUI loves to disconnect and now as NOT SYNCED for it’s own amusement. I probably lost a week or so of no mining or plotting due to this.

Am I happy with my results? Yes and no. If I was in it just for the money then definitely not. As as learning experience and trying new technologies? Yeah it has been fun.

My setup is definitely not ideal, I mean just look at the image above 🙄

I will try to keep releasing progress updates on my ‘farm’ as I still have a number of drives to completely plot.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy!

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