September Running Distance Challenge

Welcome to this page! I have set myself the challenge of running 200km in September. This is to complete the Strava challenge of running 200km (125 miles) in the month of September. So 125 miles divided by 30 days equals 4.1 miles a day – I’m rounding it to 5 in case I miss a day and just to make sure that Strava recognises this extreme example of athleticism… As you can see, I missed more than just one day but hopefully will still make my goal!

Other trophies earned this month!

                  September 10K                  September Half Marathon                   Reebok September Equinox Challenge  

200km Done!

September Running Distance Progress 100%

You can see my progress below (First to Last/Finish):

I actually didn’t do any running on the 1st of September – I know, I know, I’ve already failed – but I made up for it by running a half marathon the next day to get my miles up. The heat made this really difficult and I’ll admit that I walked a lot because I’m not good in the heat at all and didn’t want to push myself too hard and ruin the rest of the month with an injury or something daft.

Really underestimated how much free time and motivation I would need for this challenge, already behind…

Went for a run around a local park and did 3 laps, wanted to do a 4th one to end the jog but as I rested a wasp landed on my head. I’ve had altercations with angry wasps before and usually if I leave them be, they leave me be. But this one landed on my head, walked around for a little and then proceeded to sting my head. The sweat made the pain a lot worse. Walked home defeated… by a stupid fucking wasp

Woke up extra early today to get a morning jog in before work. I want to try a new routine of doing this every day and want to see the effects during my day at work. So far I don’t feel tired at al… ZzzzZzzzZ

New routine going well. Probably not going to do a run on Saturday because of personal things. Its all well and good exercising. but I don’t think that should come between you and the things in life that really matter. Went for a faster pace today so that I can build up some “springy-ness” (technical term…) for a long run on Sunday

Another long run today, want to try and do a long run every weekend as a sort of “catch-up” from miles that might have slipped away during a busy week.

Evening run, really pushed myself because I felt I had a lot of energy from the run a couple of days prior. My legs still hurt but the feeling of wind in my hair gave me a distraction (imagine how good I looked charging forward like a gallant stallion…) Also got a bunch of new personal records which felt good

This run was horrible, not sure if I could even call it a run. You amount of times I said the F-word out of pain is probably greater than the number of steps I took… for the entire week. My left ankle feels like it’s bruised on the bone and I was getting a sharp pain from just about every part of my legs. Other than that, completely fine 🙂 On a brighter note, I have just passed 50 total miles this month, just behind half way.

This was a “sort-of” recovery run after a decent break so that my ankle could recover a little bit. A different route to try and spice things up a bit. Pretty happy with this run.

My ankle played up again. I was watching a documentary on ultra-marathon runners who at the time were running 100miles through some rural part of North America. One of the athletes said “the pain doesn’t really go away, it just moves to different parts of your body”. That is something I agree with completely since my right knee is causing me bother now… im such a nancy.

This was a nice run that was a bit longer than usual. Had a SIS energy bar but it didn’t keep me going for long, in the last half hour or so my legs were completely shot. Got blocked and bullied by some swans though #highlight

Spent all day waiting for the heavy rain to pass so that I could use my new shoes. Had a run around where I used to live as a kid at night which of pretty cool. New shoes were nice as well, thanks for asking 🙂

This was a nice long jog before I went back to work after a week off. I wanted to try and get as much elevation gain as possible as I want to complete that challenge as well, that seems less likely, however. Got sick from this run, it was really cold and I got really sweaty. Walked the last mile or so back to the car shivering. Would like to do this again, when I’m feeling better of course

A few days of not running because I was ill, the aching from the illness made the first 2 miles agony and I could barely jog. I soon got over the pain and started sweating instead. Only got about 16 miles before I complete the challenge ?

I really had to push myself for this jog, my legs really hurt from the ache and pains of previous runs. I don’t find myself seriously out of breath like I used to do. My legs eventually just get to their limit of pain and I need to walk for a bit to let the pain subside. The cold I have is also making all sorts of aches and pains come out of the woodwork ?

Final jog of the month and a finish to my September running distance challenge. Completed on the last day of the month. Still, haven’t learnt my lesson about using the toilet before going on a jog and had to walk quite a bit as I was getting stomach pains. CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

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