SharePoint 2013 Prerequisite Installer Failing – Unable to Install IIS

Literally been banging my head against the table, wall and floor over this one. I kept getting the error you can see below when trying to run the SharePoint 2013 prerequisite installer:

After a LOT of research and trying a bunch of different “solutions”, all completely failing to fix the issue, I look into the error log file. I know, right. What a nerd!? There is referenced trying to use a “ServerManagerCMD.exe” in the system32 directory. I looked and could only find a “ServerManager.exe”.

“Well shit”, I thought to myself. Microsoft is bloody amazing and SharePoint is the cherry on top of the cake.

So to fix this, I copied the “ServerManager.exe” file and renamed it to be “ServerManagerCMD.exe”:

And surely enough, after closing the installer and retrying, everything went swimmingly!


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