SharePoint URL Changing

There are two main ways that I change the URL of a list or library on a SharePoint site. First off I’d like to explain why I often have to do these tricks. Whenever you create a new SharePoint site from a template, even after you change the names of all the lists and libraries in a web page, the URL will still reference what ever the template lists were called.

Option 1 – SharePoint Designer

To change the URL in SharePoint designer, open your site using the URL “http://HOSTNAME/sites/SITENAME” and this should give you list of items in the left hand column resembling the screenshot below:

SharePoint Designer Column

You should see that the bottom option says “All Files“, double click this and go into “Lists“. This will show all of the lists on your site and you should see that they are all using the old name which is the cause of the incorrect URLs. Simply rename these lists to what ever you need and the URL will change.


Option 2 – File Explorer

If you don’t see the “All Files” section in SharePoint designer then this method can be used instead. Open a file explorer and navigate to your site. You can see how I have done this below:

File Explorer

Now go into “Lists” and you should be able to see the incorrectly named lists. Simply rename these lists and the URL will change.


I’m not sure why the “All Files” section in SharePoint designer doesn’t show so If anyone can shed some light on that I would be appreciated. Enjoy!

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