Submitting a CSR for Signing by a CA

Bit of a weird post today, I had a need to update the SSL certificate for an old DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) 5 module. This is just an overview of what I did.

First I logged into the DRAC and went to System > Remote Access > Configuration > SSL > Generate a new certificate signing request (CSR). In here I entered my details and put the address I would use for connecting to the server as the common name.

After I clicked “Submit”, I got a small txt file called “csr.txt”. I then needed to get this signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) so that I could get an actual certificate file. Note that the format you want for DRAC 5 is .cer

The CA I used for this was “getacert“, they’re a bit “ghetto” with their site not even using the technology that they provide… kind of ironic but I was desperate.

On this site I entered the contents of my csr.txt file and clicked “Submit CSR“. This them gave me the certificate file, signed by getacert.

Finally, I went back into the DRAC management webpage (in the same location as pointed out earlier) and selected the option to “Upload Server Certificate” Now just select the .cer file you got from the CA and click submit. This will cause the management site to go down for a couple of minutes whilst it configures the new certificate.

After this you should be all set. Enjoy!

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