Generating Easy and Secure Passwords in PowerShell

Hi Everyone,

So the other day, I found a much easier way to generate secure passwords in PowerShell. Before this, we had to have a list of all the available characters and put them into a CharArray, or ping an internet service like

Not anymore!

From now on, whenever I need to generate a password in PowerShell, I will be using the


Function from the [System.Web.Security.Membership] namespace. What this allows you to do, is generate a string of a specified length, with a specified amount of alphanumerical characters.

So if I wanted a password that was 10 characters long and had 5 alphanumerical characters, I would use:


I usually just wrap that in a function because I’ve found you need to add the ‘System.Web’ assembly and it’s cleaner to add it in the function rather than the entire script. This is my new function:

function New-RandomPassword(){
    Add-Type -AssemblyName 'System.Web'
    return [System.Web.Security.Membership]::GeneratePassword(10,5)

Hope you learnt something from this 🙂

Don’t use $input in PowerShell Functions

Just a short post and a gentle reminder to check conventions before pulling my hair out over a simple issue.

This all started when I wanted to test something simple in PowerShell. I had started using C# more often and I think this is what caused my brain just to use $input as I would normally use something like this in C#.

In C# my test functions (or methods) might look something like this:

public string TestFunction(string input){

In C#, the above works…

However, $input is a reserved variable. You can see a list of them all here. But much to my annoyance, the PowerShell ISE doesn’t flag this as an issue (technically it isn’t) and just runs like nothing is wrong (once again, technically nothing is wrong).

In PowerShell, this doesn’t work…

function Test-Function([string]$input){
    Write-Host $input

After messing for about thirty minutes, I finally found this knowledge out and renamed my parameter. I think you’ll like the name I continued to use… 😊

function Test-Function([string]$stupidFuckingInput){
    Write-Host $stupidFuckingInput