Games In PowerShell – Version 4

Quite a large update to my Games in PowerShell project, adding a new game, changing some of the styling of the game and changing the loading screen of the game.

You’ll be pleased and proud to know that the games code is now over a thousand lines long…At least fake being proud then.

As mentioned earlier, I have added a new game. This one is different from my other games because it is a text based adventure game about a dino that needs capturing. The player only successfully completes the game once they have captured the dino and also not been killed by it. Tall order, I know.

I also changed how the Quick Fire Character Counting game works. It now starts by giving the player a full second to see the word and guess how many characters it contains, then, each time the user gets a correct answer reduces the viewing time of the word by 30 miliseconds. That way the game gradually gets more difficult instead of being stuck at the same length, which is boring.

Here is the link to my code for the game

I will be updating my project page with this update as well. Enjoy!

Verb Guessing Game in PowerShell

Verb guesser Featured image

Another game today. In PowerShell of all things. Who would have thought?

Anyway, in this blog post I will be showing you the code I used to create a random word guessing in PowerShell. The script works by taking all the verb information from the


command and selecting only the verb part of each one.

The script then selects on at random, does some formatting and removes the vowels. That part is important. Pretty much is the single defining feature that makes this thing a game. With the vowels now removed, the user has to guess the verb. If they get it correct then a point is added to their score. If they get it wrong then the game resets and they start again from 0 points. (Well, 1 point if you’re being technical)

Here the code:

function verbguessinggame{
 $getverbs = Get-Verb | select verb
 [int]$verbamount = $getverbs.count
 $score = 0
  $random = Get-Random -Minimum 0 -Maximum $verbamount
  $selectedword = $getverbs[$random] -replace "@{verb=","" -replace "}",""
  $selectedwordlength = $selectedword.length
  $vowelsremoved = $selectedword -replace '[aeiou]',""

  $score = $score + 1
  Write-Host $vowelsremoved -ForegroundColor Red -BackgroundColor Black
  $guess = Read-Host "What is the word?"
 }until($guess -ne $selectedword)
 Write-Host "incorrect, the verb was $selectedword"
 Write-Host "Your score was $score"
 Start-Sleep -Seconds 1.5

 do {$playagainselection = Read-Host "Do you want to play again? (Y or N)"} while (("y","n") -notcontains $playagainselection)
 if ($playagainselection -eq "y"){
 }elseif ($playagainselection -eq "n"){


I will be updating my Games in PowerShell project with this game as well as making some custom changes to this game and others in the project.