Headline News Reporter in PowerShell

Daft one today. Been a little  busy and lacking ideas as to what to do next, so don’t expect anything special in this post. That that you ever should with me…

Basically what this does is that it looks at the technology page the BBC news site and gives me the current 10 stories. Stupid right? I know, I know.

I might add this to a start-up script so that I can automatically get the latest tech news when ever I logon to my computer. Anyway, my code is below if you want to waste some hard drive space…

$result = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology
$path = "C:\Scripts\testing.txt"
$result.Links | Select innertext | Select-String "full article *" | Out-File -FilePath $path

(Get-Content "$path") -replace "@{innerText=Full article" -replace "}","" | select -First 11


Physically Stacking D-Link Switches

First of all, make sure that your switch has the most recent firmware installed. That’s just a good rule of thumb if you are experiencing issues. This can be done by downloading the latest firmware from here… You can see where to install the new firmware in the screenshot below:


You want to start this process on your non-passive switch.

Next we want to go to the physical stacking section under the management folder. Here you need to enable stacking mode and reboot the switch for this to take affect. When you have rebooted the switch, go back to the physical stacking section and make the details closely resemble the ones in the screenshot below:


Now you can done that, you want to configure a single IP to manage this stack from. To do this go to the single IP settings under the virtual stacking folder. Here, you want to configure your switch to how the one in the screenshot is configured below:


Just if you needed to know, I have connected my switches together through port 20 on each and used this cable.

This is what my two D-Link switches stacked together looked like, mind the messy cabling:


Hope this was useful to someone! Enjoy!