Hide Tags from WordPress Blog Posts

So you want to hide tags from your WordPress posts? Easy…

To remove the tags line, you need to find out how to reference it and change its style using CSS. This might sound alien and weird but trust me, you can do it. Or just post a comment if you’re having difficulty 🙂

  1. Open your website, open a post and open the dev tools in your browser. This is usually done by pressing F12
  2. Look at the screenshot below and follow the step:
    1. Press where arrow #1 hints to
    2. Hover over the “Tagged” section as arrow #2 shows
    3. Finally, see the name or ID that is given to that object (Mine is tags-links)


3. Now that we have that, we can add some CSS to our site to make this not appear.

4. Go into Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

5. Here we will add the following lines (Note that you should replace this with whatever you found in section 2.3 above):


6. You can see this below:

7. Now when we refresh the page, you should see that your tags have gone completely from all your posts!


Make Website Confirm Before Leaving

Long pause between blogs here but busy life = slow blog.

In this blog, I will discuss how I created a simple webpage that would allow me to leave a pinned tab open in my web browser that would create a popup box when trying to leave the site. The popup box can be seen below:

This is helpful because Chrome doesn’t give the option to make sure you actually want to close the window. So if you have ever, just like myself, been 2 hours deep into researching something that seemed really important at the time and then accidentally clicked the red X and have it all close, then you know how I feel.

So I created my own website that I would load and pin in the Chome windows so that this wouldn’t happen to me. This is the code that I used:

 window.onbeforeload = function(){
  return "Do you really want to leave?";

and the site that I created is currently live at noautoclose.mharwood.uk

Just make sure to click anywhere on the page for the script to work, enjoy!