Windows Favourites Folder Spelt “Favorites”

Something a little off topic today. Windows naming is weird… that’s it. I found this when trying to run a RoboCopy script to back-up my favourites “Internet Explorer” (Award winning, grama nominated, amazing browser).

This is what my script for RoboCopy used to look like:

robocopy C:\Users\harwoodm\Favourites d:\robocopy\Favourites /MIR /R:1 /W:5 /FFT /LOG:"C:\users\harwoodm\robocopy logs\favourites.txt" /TEE /NP /NFL /NDL

I was getting Error 2, path not found.

Little did I know that, even though in the Explorer it’s spelt “Favourites” the path has it as “Favorites”



Does this make any sense to you, doesn’t to me…

Anway, hope this helped. Enjoy!

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