Adding Signatures In Mimecast

Bit different from, the now usual, Powershell guides. Thought I’d do something different. This guide will show you how to add a custom signature to a user, multiple users’ or even globally.

Lets start off. You’ll want to log into your Mimecast administrative console, go to Service-Gateway-Policies. In here you should see “Stationary”. We want to create a new definition, so click on the “Definition” button on the “Stationary” listing.

Here you can click the “New Item” button. For the Description, obviously, enter a brief description of the new definition. The “Unique Identification Text” is used to scan an email that the definition is applied to to determine if the signature has already been added, so you want to add something that is in the signature and something that is unique to this signature. For the short code, enter a unique name. Below is an example of mine:


Now we want to edit the HTML so that there actually is a signature to put onto the emails. Click on the “Edit HTML” button and enter your signature. This is the code I added to mine:

    <mc type="body">

    <font size="2" color="gray">
    This is a test email signature for marketing

    <img src="IMAGE LINK" alt="ALTERNATIVE IMAGE NAME" style="width:214px;height:24px:" />


So in my signature I have the message “This is a test email signature for marketing” and also a company logo.

Now we have that, we need to add it to an actual policy, otherwise it simply won’t be used by anything. Navigate back after saving your definition to the “Policies” page and click on the “Stationary” row. You now want to click “New Policy” which should open up a new policy creation window.

For the “Policy Narrative” enter a name for the policy, for the “Select Stationary”, select “lookup”, find your newly created definition and click “Select”. Since I created mine as a test and my Mimecast access is on my business email address, I configured an individual send and to email address for the policy to apply to. On this page you can also select when the policy will be active or even a range of source IP addresses.

Below are the values that I entered. The emails are removed for obvious reasons:


Finally, below is an example of an email with the newly added signature:


You should now have a custom signature that applies to every user defined in the policy instead of individual users.

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