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Following on from my recent upload on Linux scripting, I have yet again created a BASH script to make my Linux’ing life easier. This is also my second script created in BASH so I guess i’ve accomplished something by not running for the hills…

What I needed was a script to make creating FTP users easier on my CentOS box. Below is a list of things I needed the script to accomplish:

  • Get a username from a user prompt
  • Get a Description from a user prompt
  • Create the new user
  • Change the users password
  • Add the username to /etc/vsftpd.userlist
  • Add the username to /etc/vsftpd/chroot_list
  • Make a directory in the home folder of the user called “ftp”
  • Change the permissions and ownership on this directory
  • Make a directory in the “ftp” folder called “files”
  • Change the permissions and ownership on this directory
  • Ask the user to create a share or not
  • Get a share name from user prompt
  • Make a directory in the users “files” folder with the same name as the share name
  • Mount the share to the “files” directory
  • Ask if the new user is the owner of the share
    • if so then change the ownershipa and permissions on the share
    • if not then just change the permissions on the share
  • Finish

Here is my script for achieving these goals:

#Creating new FTP users

##Gathering Variables
echo "Enter a username"
read Username

echo "Enter a description"
read Description

useradd -m -c "$Description" -s /bin/bash $Username

passwd $Username

echo "$Username" | tee -a /etc/vsftpd.userlist
echo "$Username" | tee -a /etc/vsftpd/chroot_list

mkdir /home/$Username/ftp
chown nobody:nobody /home/$Username/ftp
chmod a-w /home/$Username/ftp

mkdir /home/$Username/ftp/files
chown $Username:$Username /home/$Username/ftp/files
chmod 0700 /home/$Username/ftp/files

read -p "Create a share? [yn]: " CreateShare
if [[ $CreateShare = y ]] ; then

 read -p "Enter a share name: " ShareName

 mkdir /home/$Username/ftp/files/$ShareName
 mkdir /home/shares/$ShareName
 mount --bind /home/shares/$ShareName /home/$Username/ftp/files/$ShareName
elif [[ $CreateShare = n ]] ; then
 read -p "Enter the pre-existing share name: " ShareName
 mkdir /home/$Username/ftp/files/$ShareName
 if [ -d /home/shares/$ShareName ] ; then
  echo "Mounting share"
  mount --bind /home/shares/$ShareName /home/$Username/ftp/files/$ShareName
  echo "Cannot find the share name : $ShareName"
 echo "Not a y or n"

read -p "Is $Username the owner of this share? [yn]: " ShareOwner
if [[ $ShareOwner = y ]] ; then
 chown $Username:$Username /home/shares/$ShareName
 chmod 0775 /home/shares/$ShareName
 echo "$Username is not the owner of $ShareName"
 chmod 0775 /home/shares/$ShareName

echo "Finished creating user : $Username" * Insert your code here

Hopefully somebody gains something from this, probably not though. Enjoy!

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