Resetting pwdLastReset Attribute in Active Directory

This sort of thing is useful if you have a bunch of users that have passwords which are set to not expired, but then you decide that they do need to expire. But if you simply untick the “Password doesn’t expired” attribute then it will instantly make them change their password because the “pwdLastSet” date will be from when the user was first set-up.

This trick will set the “pwdLastSet” date to today so that they have some warning before being told to reset their password.

First of all, make sure that you have “Advanced Features” turned on from the “View” menu.

Now find the user that you want to reset the value for and edit their properties. Navigate to the “Attribute Editor” tab and scroll down until you see the “pwdLastSet” attribute.

Edit the value to be “0“, this means that the value has never been set. See screenshot below.

Changed to 0

Now click okay on all of the boxes until the users properties window has closed. Now reopen the users window, go back to the attributes editor and change pwdLastSet to “-1. See screenshot below:

Changed to -1

Now press okay to all the boxes until the users properties window has closed. Now when you check for the pwdLastSet attribute it will be set to the current date.

Hope this helped you, enjoy!

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